ICORE GPS Vehicle Tracking System, Model – Smart GPS Tracker


Smart GPS Tracking System for 4 Wheeler or any heavy vehicles with digital & analog input and output data storage, battery backup and external antenna.

  • 2 Digital Input for Ignition & AC status indication
  • 1 Digital Output for Vehicle Immobilizer through SMS from registered Mobile Number
  • No Analog Input
  • 3000 records storage capacity in absence of GPRS network
  • Data acquisition on time & angle based
  • Battery Backup up to 2 hours
  • Internal GSM & GPS Antenna
  • Available with waterproof casing only
  • 1 Admin & 4 User’s Mobile number can be stored in device through SMS
  • No Email Feature
  • Size: 56mm x 76mm x 20mm
  • Single Server Connectivity